The biggest things the documentary leaves out

by Netflix rogue tinder tells the true story of a man who is believed to have cheated people out of $10 million. The man, who went by the name Simon Leviev, posed as the son of a billionaire on the dating app Tinder in order to convince countless women around the world to lend him money. This Netflix documentary tells a fairly comprehensive story of the experiences of three of the victims.

rogue tinder shares the stories of three women, Cecilie Fjellhoy, Pernilla Sjoholm and Ayleen Charlotte, who were all scammed by Simon using a very similar strategy. Simon would slowly develop a relationship with them over months, during which he would demonstrate his wealth using money he had previously scammed from others. Then he claimed to have survived an attack, sending photos of an injury his supposed bodyguard had suffered and claiming that his enemies were following him using his credit cards. These women willingly transferred large sums of money or opened new credit card accounts in their own names to help keep Simon safe. He always promised to pay them back but never did.


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The Netflix documentary ended when Cecilie, Pernilla and Ayleen worked with reporters to get Simon arrested, but sadly he was only charged for the fraud he committed years before in Israel and not for the many schemes he had set up against these unsuspecting women. . rogue tinder is remarkably accurate in telling the stories of these women and retains many of the most important details, but it does not include everything. Here are the biggest things the documentary omits from the story.

Simon’s first crime was stealing checks while babysitting


rogue tinder confirms that Simon was born as Shimon Yehuda Hayut and was the son of the Chief Rabbi of El Al Airlines. Growing up, he became known for his thefts, and his first recorded crime happened when he was 20 years old. While babysitting a four-year-old child, Simon stole checks from the family. This crime is briefly referenced in the documentary along with countless other people who shared their experiences after Cecilie and Pernilla’s story made headlines. Around the same time, Simon also stole checks from his employer while working as a handyman and convinced a classmate to invest in a business that didn’t exist. The Netflix film does not detail these events or explore Simon’s childhood at all. rogue tinder keeps the focus on Cecilie, Pernilla and Ayleen and doesn’t question what may have led Simon to his criminal lifestyle.

Simon launched a civil suit


Even after his arrest and time in an Israeli prison, Simon maintained his innocence regarding the women in the Netflix documentary rogue tinder. He told Israel’s Channel 12 news (via Squire), “I have the right to choose the name I want, I never presented myself as the son of anyone, but people use their imagination… I never took a penny from them.” In response to these accusations, he filed a civil lawsuit against Cecilie and Pernilla. Yet despite her claims of innocence, he continued to threaten Pernilla in jail and told her she would pay for what she had done. Some of Simon’s other victims have also filed lawsuits against him, but so far they have gone nowhere. Simon enjoys his freedom and apparent financial success in Israel after his early release and avoids the many countries that still want him to pay for his plans.

The pandemic contributed to the early release


rogue tinder points out that Simon was sentenced to 15 months in prison for his crimes in Israel and was released after only five months. The documentary reveals that he behaved well, which may be partly true, but that’s not the whole story. The COVID-19 pandemic played a role in the early release of Simon and many other inmates around the world who were serving time in overcrowded prisons. In order to slow down the spread of the virus as much as possible, these establishments have released certain individuals deemed to be at low risk or who have shown good behavior. In other words, if it hadn’t been for the pandemic, Simon might have served his full sentence.

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Simon falsifies identities again


Despite everything Simon went through before and during the events covered in the documentary, including going to jail twice, he doesn’t seem to have learned anything. In December 2020, following his release, Simon made headlines again. He had pretended to be a paramedic in order to get the COVID vaccine early, proving that his tendency to adopt false identities had not gone away. Simon told Israel’s Channel 12 that he was not “someone standing in line,illustrating that he not only continues to fake personas to get what he wants, but he makes no apologies for it, even when caught. Simon’s social media still displays an expensive lifestyle and his latest girlfriend is an Israeli model.While there is no evidence that he is still scamming people into maintaining this lifestyle, at the very least Simon has apparently proven unable to stay honest.

One of Cecilie’s banks has canceled its debt


The women featured in the documentary rogue tinder admitted that they were still struggling to pay off their debt, especially Cecilie, who acquired over $250,000 during her time at Simon’s. She claimed she could not return home to Norway because she feared creditors there, and many banks she took loans from continue to hunt her down for money. Cecilie shared (via SHE) this “she has been sued by four banks, eight creditors are currently suing her for payment and her debt continues to pile up. Not everyone was so indifferent to their situation, however. One of the banks decided to write off its debt to them entirely, and an employee appeared as a witness in one of their court cases. Cecilie remembered explaining to him that the banks had insurance for these kinds of situations, and he couldn’t understand why the other banks were unforgivable.

Simon is apparently inactive on Tinder


Although the Netflix documentary rogue tinder states that Simon has been back on the Tinder app since its release, the company said it doesn’t believe he still uses it. In a statement, Tinder said an internal investigation found no evidence that Simon remains active on the app under known aliases. Of course, it’s quite possible that he simply returned to the site under a new identity or moved to another dating app to continue his schemes, but all of his negative publicity – thanks to the journalists who have first announced story as well as this one documentary – would make its downsides much harder to pull off. There’s no way to know for sure if Simon has actually given up on his lies unless someone else presents a similar story to Cecilie, Pernilla, and Ayleen.

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