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In California, some of the larger school districts – like Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Diego – are phasing out “D” and “F” grades in “an attempt to re-engage students” and boost college entry into the world. ‘State. Instead, they give a child an “incomplete”. Already, some school districts have switched to “pass-fail” from the alphabetical grades. “Our hope is that students begin to see schools as a place of learning, where they can take risks and learn from their mistakes, instead of a place of compliance,” said a school official in Oakland.

In my opinion, this is the latest form of child abuse. It’s almost as bad as “social advancement” where a third grader is not proficient but still advances to fourth grade – then fifth and sixth and above – with little chance of keeping up.

The child is unhappy. I think it’s child abuse too, and instead of making it easy the lesson learned too late is that without education life will be very hard and never fair.

Now we have a guy in the Tennessee legislature who wants to deny education to children of illegal aliens. Can you imagine how catastrophic such nonsense could be? To deny a child a chance is abuse and if the government cannot control a horrific influx of illegals, don’t dare go after children who had no choice in being here. Talking about child abuse, denying a child an education is as anti-American as anything you can name.

My dream is schools all year round. Of course, teachers can work year round, as can doctors and nurses. They will earn more money, learn more about students and more. Recreations, sports, and fun events could take place, but every day, in addition to free breakfast, free lunch, and free after-school babysitting at many schools, they were reading, studying the math and science and English (lord help!) until they’re well equipped to take it to the next level.

I wouldn’t back down from a child in third grade for a year and a half, or even two, if that meant the only way to move the child forward is to win it. The new trades school would also be a 12 month contract with a focus on computers because I know skilled trades people who can build or repair anything but are not proficient in computers. In today’s world, everything from a cash register to an automatic transmission is computer oriented.

The composition of the school must change. One teacher is carrying too much extra baggage – social worker, bus service, janitor, juvenile detention guard, manners expert, ridiculous pile of paperwork – it’s a miracle they find the time to teach. Safety is a must and behavior in school has never been a bigger issue. Dude, the lessons we learned from the Oxford High Michigan shooting are downright scary and the consequences will make you think.

Part of the reason for phasing out “D” and “F” grades is that California State Colleges will not accept transcripts, but incomplete transcripts are acceptable. The catch comes if a freshman is accepted and cannot perform, the child is still stuck with a student loan and an uncertain future. It ends up costing the taxpayer dearly.

If we ban the children of illegal immigrants from going to primary and secondary school, guess who bears the cost? Believe me, the residual result will be far greater than the cost of raising these children. Think about the pitfalls and dangers of not being allowed to learn.

And as long as we’re on “social promotions,” we’ll end up paying by the nose for a kid who can’t read or write, let alone make change for a $ 10 bill at Wendy’s.

Aren’t you glad the Hamilton County School Board hired Justin Robertson for me?

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(Note… Here is a cute story that a reader shared)

A little boy walked into a drugstore, grabbed a carton of soda, and pulled it to the phone. He climbed onto the cardboard box so he could reach the phone buttons and started typing ten digits (phone numbers).

The trader observed and listened to the conversation:

Boy: “Ma’am, can you give me the job of mowing your lawn?”

Woman: (on the other end of the phone): “I already have someone to mow my lawn. “

Boy: “Ma’am, I’ll mow your lawn for half the cost of whoever mows your lawn now.” “

Woman: I am very satisfied with the person who currently mows my lawn.

Boy: (with more perseverance): “I’ll even sweep your sidewalk and your sidewalk, so Sunday you’ll have the best lawn in Palm Beach, Florida.” “

Woman: No, thank you.

With a smile on his face, the little boy replaced the receiver.

The shopkeeper, who was listening to all this, approached the boy.

Store Owner: “My son … I like your attitude; I like this positive spirit and I would like to offer you a job. ‘

Boy: “No thank you”.

Store Owner: But you were really arguing for one.

Boy: No sir, I was just checking my performance in the job that I already have. I’m the one who works for this lady I was talking to!

This is what we call “self-assessment” …

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