Group justifies Soludo’s N100bn loan request

The Igbo Youths for Positive Change said there was nothing wrong with the N100 billion loan request that Anambra State Governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo is applying for.

The group said there was a lot of work to be done at Anambra and Soludo was determined to get it done.

It’s just as the group also praised the state House of Assembly for smoothly passing the revised 2022 budget, which it says shows lawmakers support the governor’s mission to transform the state into a livable and prosperous homeland. .

The punch reports that the Governor had written to the State House of Assembly to approve a N100 billion loan for him.

The loan facility, according to the governor’s letter, would be for the construction and renovation of key infrastructure in the state.

Speaking to reporters in Awka on Monday, the National Chairman, IYPC, Mr. Chinedu Obigwe said the loan request, if secured, would be used for the public good.

Obigwe added that the governor is not reckless in resource management.

He also congratulated the state lawmakers on passing the revised 2022 budget presented to them by Soludo, pointing out that the passage of the budget showed that light will always triumph over darkness.

He underlined that the President of the Assembly had demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities, abilities and skills in the performance of his duties.

He said: ‘Critics were shamed because they did not expect the revised budget to pass easily by members of the House of Assembly.

“As for the request of N100bn Ioan, we will say that there is nothing wrong with that. Soludo is not someone reckless in the management of resources and it is obvious that he has the desire ardent to transform Anambra into a livable and prosperous homeland.

“There is a lot of work to be done in Anambra and the Governor is determined to get it done. There’s nothing wrong with the governor’s loan request because if it’s secured, he’ll use the money for the public good.

“The N100 billion loan request is not for consumption but rather money that will be deployed in the development of our state. We have no doubt that the members of the House of Assembly will grant the Governor’s loan request because they know that the loan request is for the public good.

“Ndi Anambra, the solution to all our problems is here with us. Let’s continue to support Soludo for the actualization of its mission to transform our beloved state into a livable and prosperous homeland.

“We thank the House Appropriations Committee for their role in ensuring passage of the revised budget.”

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