Every Detail From The Bob’s Burgers Movie That Should Change The Show

The Bob’s Burgers movie brings myriad changes to the Belcher family, and many of these new details are expected to make it into the Fox sitcom.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Bob’s Burgers movie information.

The 20th century vixen Bob’s Burgers movie information brings quite a few changes that should appear in the long-running TV series. Created by Loren Bouchard, Bob’s Burgers just finished airing its twelfth season ahead of the release of Bob’s Burgers movie information, which has suffered multiple delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As Fox’s animated sitcom continues into its thirteenth and fourteenth seasons, the series is expected to incorporate many details from its feature film.

Bob’s Burgers movie information follows the Belcher family struggling to repay their bank loan when a giant sinkhole engulfs the stretch of road in front of the restaurant. Teddy (Larry Murphy) helps Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) and Linda (John Roberts) sell burgers at Wonder Wharf because the restaurant is inaccessible to customers. Louise (Kristen Schaal) is determined to prove she’s brave despite a girl at school calling her a baby because she wears her pink bunny ears all the time and Tina (Dan Mintz) is conflicted over the development of his relationship with Jimmy Jr. (also H. Jon Benjamin) as the Belcher children embark on their own adventure to save the restaurant.


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Whereas Bob’s Burgers movie information may not have as many iconic moments as The Simpsons movie, Bob’s Burgers movie information can easily incorporate his most memorable moments into the show. The Belchers’ sunny summer start offers significant character development and builds on the series’ many running gags. the biggest Bob’s Burgers movie information details that should change Bob’s Burgers also prove that the film lives up to the series’ legacy. Here’s how the film could impact the series.

Teddy’s Bob Burger Cart


Although this isn’t the first time Bob has moved his burger-making business outside of the restaurant, Teddy’s “Bob Burger” cart helps the Belchers sell burgers outside of the restaurant. The food cart comes with a shiny tray of olives which is especially useful as Teddy uses the tray to save the Belchers, who are trapped in a Wonder Wharf go-cart. Even if the Bob Burger cart collapses on itself, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the platter of olives enter H. Jon Benjamin’s Bob’s restaurant after its central role in the film.

Louise’s pink bunny ears


As the Belchers face certain death after being buried in the giant sinkhole, Louise apologizes for her reliance on her pink bunny ears. Louise feels responsible for causing trouble for the Belchers by involving them with a dangerous murderer to prove her own bravery. However, Linda and Bob reveal to Louise that Linda knitted the bonnet for Louise because she was so brave on her first day of school and it also reminds of Bob’s mother, who always wore a pink bonnet. Bob’s Burgers movie information gives new meaning to Louise’s pink bunny eared hat and creates a big change that should be reflected in the show.

Tina and Jimmy Jr.

Jimmy Pesto Jr. and Tina Belcher stood outside the school lockers

Tina’s obsession with Jimmy Jr. manifests in her desire to ask him to be her summer boyfriend. But as Tina thinks more about asking Jimmy Jr., she changes her mind and throws the chain she made out of her barrette into the ocean. However, Jimmy Jr. finds the chain washed up on the beach and returns it to Tina and they end up becoming their summer boyfriend and girlfriend. This is a notable relationship update between Tina and Jimmy Jr. and Bob’s Burgers will struggle to explain what’s going on with the two without completely ignoring the relationship.

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The Grand Re-Re-Re-Re-Opening


Whereas Bob’s Burgers movie information has a post-credits scene involving Tina, Bob’s Burgers The opening credits should see a major update after the events of the film. After the sinkhole is repaired and the bank loan payment is complete, the Belcher family’s restaurant sees a grand reopening and a giant sign is even displayed at the top of the storefront by Teddy. Adding the re-re-re-re-opening in the opening credits of the series would be a great way to recognize the film.

With critics and the occasional public praising Bob’s Burgers movie information, The Belcher family’s big-screen debut is definitely a hit. The show’s thirteenth season is set to air in the fall. But I hope the film’s success also means more song and laughter in the form of a Bob’s Burgers Movie 2 after.

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