Citrus County election complaint targets District 2 NPA candidate

A Homosassa woman filed a complaint with the Florida Election Commission alleging that a candidate with no party affiliation participated in a Citrus County Commission race to block the primary.

Barbara Flecher says in her complaint this Paul Grogan has not campaigned for District 2 outside of social media, does no fundraising, spends much of the year outside the county, does not live in the district he wants to represent, and has openly supported the candidate who won the Republican primary.

Diane Finegan and Stacey Worthington faced off in the District 2 primary, which was closed only to Republican voters due to Grogan’s candidacy. Finegan won with 57% of the vote.

Finegan told the Citrus County Chronicle she would have won whether the primary was open to all voters or not.

Fletcher’s complaint, which she also sent to Citrus County Commissioners, the State’s Attorney’s Office and the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, mentions a local blog, Just Wright Citrus, which questioned the validity of Grogan’s candidacy.

And it includes many screenshots of Grogan’s own postsrambling missives that lack detail or any conscious idea.

She noted that he had opened his campaign account with a loan of $2,700 to cover the application fee of $2,684. He only raised $25 from Paul Reinhardta failure House District 23 candidate.

Shortly before Primary, Grogan Finegan approved on his Facebook page, leading some Citrus County residents to openly question what they had quietly suspected: Grogan was only in the race to keep non-Republicans from voting in the contest between Finegan and Worthington.

Fletcher acknowledged in her complaint that she backed Worthington in the primary, but added: ‘My attention to the election may appear to be biased, however, I am of the opinion that it instead provided a place for the first to potential fraud perpetrated on my county and district.

Fletcher compared the Grogan case to lawsuits in Seminole County linked to a “ghost candidate”.

“…I assert that Mr. Grogan entered the race for County Commissioner, District 2, under false and fraudulent pretenses to prevent Democratic and NPA voters from participating in the primary election,” it said. she declared.

Grogan, a merchant sailor, is out of the county until October. Asked by text message to comment on the complaint, he said he was in the campaign to win.

“You can’t justify irrational comments with a rational person,” he said. “Let’s see if Barb knows something we don’t?”

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