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The President of the All Progressives Congress (APC) of Anambra State, Chief Basil Ejidike, on Monday tasked the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Awka with investigating the state’s finances in order to to uncover a “monumental deception” that thrives in the state.
He said in a statement signed by his media adviser, Chief Dan Okeke, that the government had been fraudulent in using its monthly security vote amounting to billions of naira.
“Anambra as a state has not registered significant growth and development since the creation of the leadership of Governor Willy Obiano. Maintaining existing development structures in the state remains impractical, ” he said.
Ejidike called on the APGA government to account for all funds under its control intended for the development of the state.
“The development has not been seen or felt by the people of Anambra,” he said.
He advised the APGA to face its governance business and stop calling APC’s names.
“We urge APGA to focus on their campaign and leave APC alone.
“Harassing members of the National Assembly who left the APGA for the APC is a distraction for the party; Providing solutions to internal APGA problems should be paramount to its leadership, ” said Ejidike.
He also reminded the APGA that in a democracy there is freedom of association.
He urged more members of the House of Assembly to leave the APGA and join the ruling national party to bring the South East into national politics.
“Walk the path of your colleagues to join APC to restore the lost glory of Anambra,” said Ejidike.
He also alleged that the APGA was losing attention and that there were infrastructure deficits in roads, clean water, electricity, health care, quality education, empowerment and security of women and youth.
He also called on the electorate to avoid the APGA in the governor’s election held on November 6.
Ejidike assured the electorate that APC candidate Senator Andy Uba would change the state’s fortunes, if elected.
Responding to the accusations, APGA Chairman Chief Norbeth Obi said the party did not have to waste energy on APC’s accusation and instructed him to meet with the APGA at the meetings. November elections.
Obi said the APGA was focusing and consolidating their plans to secure a big win on November 6 and didn’t have time to joke with the APC.
Also responding, Information and Public Information Commissioner MC-Don Adinuba released APC’s comments on the APGA-led government in the state.
Adinuba said that for registration purposes, the PGAA government invited the EFCC to review its accounts in March 2018 and gave it a good health check after the exercise.
“The APGA government is the only one that has ever invited the EFCC to examine its accounts.
He added that the state had the lowest unemployment rate in Nigeria at 13.1 percent compared to 27.1 percent nationally.
“Economists around the world regard the employment rate as the most important indicator of any government’s performance,” Adinuba said.
He added that the National Bureau of Statistics also declared Anambra’s economy to be the best managed in Nigeria.
He said that the government headed by Governor Obiano was the only one in Nigeria to have built an international airport in 15 months and also an international convention center, the best in Africa with a capacity of 12,000 people.
He said that over the next month Anambra will deliver the newest fully-built international stadium without borrowing money from any bank.
Adinuba stressed that the APGA government led by Governor Obiano is not afraid of any checks on its financial records.
He advised APC to arm itself with verifiable facts at all times before going to press.
Adinuba also urged the APC to clean up the image of its gubernatorial flag bearer, Senator Andy Uba, and compare it with that of the APGA’s “world-class” candidate in the person of professor Charles Soludo.


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