Akwa Ibom legislature approves Governor’s N150bn loan request – The Sun Nigeria

By Joe Effiong Uyo

Despite the outcry generated by a sudden request for approval of an additional appropriation by Governor Udom Emmanuel, members of the Akwa Ibom Legislative Assembly during their Monday plenary collapsed to hastily approve a request for 150 billion naira loan to the governor.

The idea was that after attracting a lot of condemnation following the accelerated approval of the additional N45 billion credit, of which more than 90% is recurrent, the assembly would take a while to really consider the loan request and possibly to reject it.

But the state was surprised by the enthusiastic verbalizations of the members of the house in their tortuous effort to justify the blanket approval of the loan request.

Their justification for approving the loan request seemed either absurd, or funny, or very unreasonable.

The legislative comedy started with the leader of the assembly, Mr. Udo Kierian Akpan, who wholeheartedly justifying the approval of the loan, said; “The instrument requested by the governor is not a loan. It has what it takes to create money in the money market. When I read the news in the media, I approached the governor and asked him. He told me he didn’t take any loans. He said to me, I swear to God, I don’t take loans. “What I’m going to do is create money.”

“He’s a banker. He knows how to create money from banks. He knows how to settle financial instruments. He has what is available to use as something to create money. Having said that he is not taking a loan, I think we should allow him to raise funds,” Akpan said.

On his part, the former Speaker of the House of Assembly, Mr. Aniekan Uko, said; “The Governor’s explanation is very clear about where he is going to get this money and what projects this money is going to support. One thing we need to know is that no leader will want the projects he undertook are abandoned I am a case study.

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“There is a project that I tried to build in my constituency. If I have the liberty to write to the House of Assembly to give me leeway to get money and complete the project, Mr. Speaker, I will. I would like to say on behalf of Ibesikpo Asutan State Constituency that I fully support His Excellency’s completion program. On this, I support the request so that the Governor can carry out his projects.

Deputy Head of the House and Chairman of the House Information Committee, Mr Aniefiok Dennis, said: “After listening to the explanation given by the Head of the House, the Right Honorable Udo Kieran on the need for us to approve the request, per the requirement of Rule 1, Rule 13 of the Standing Orders of the House, which states that whenever the leader speaks, I must second him. I therefore call on the Chamber to support the request.

Obong Godwin Ekpo representing Ibiono Ibom State Constituency would waste no words on much reasoning. He simply said; “Whether it’s a loan, an instrument, or whatever, the federal government continues to collect loans. For the simple fact that he is attached to projects, I support him. The governor said he must complete all his projects. Our duty is to support His Excellency.

It seems every member was eager to speak up and point out an unfinished project in their constituency. Charity Ido representing Ukanafun said; “I agree with all past speakers that this request is in order. I would like to add that given that His Excellency the Governor is a great leader and accountant, he knows what he is doing. He’s a leader without reputation; he can’t lead us astray.

“As an accountant, I want to say that we have to make sure that we support the governor to leave the state better than he met. Considering the fact that I am from Ukanafun and we have an unfinished general hospital in Ukanafun, I know that some of this money will be used to complete this project. Mr. President, I have the mandate of my people to fully support this request.

The preponderance of opinion in the state is that the very recurrent supplementary credits and the loan are all instruments to make money not only to be used for the general election, but more importantly, to push the candidate in the anointed governorship of Udom Emmanuel in the PDP primaries. victory, while members of the state assembly seeking another term or higher positions would also receive not only the governor’s endorsement, but also financial support for their campaign.

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