Sotto Voce Pas PopsChamber Choir / Sotto Voce
The Marshall Fundamental Secondary School Chamber Choir, consisting of an auditioned mixed group of 25-30 students, was founded in 2006 following a hiatus of a choir program at Marshall of over 20 years!  Led by their director, David Pitts, this group performs at the Holiday, Pops and Spring “Voices” concerts on Marshall’s campus and has also represented their school at various Pasadena venues including the Huntington Library, One Colorado, Green Street Restaurant, Altadena Country Club, and Parsons Engineering.  This choir has also sung at holiday celebrations for both the Pasadena Bar Association and the Pasadena Courthouse.  In the spring of 2008, 10-12 members of the choir were selected to perform in a smaller group.  The students chose the name Sotto Voce (meaning “soft voices” in Italian).  Sotto Voce was the Grand Prize winner at the 2008 Renaissance Pleasure Faire Madrigal Competition.  They had the privilege of performing at the Faire in full madrigal costumes.  The dedicated and hardworking students of The Marshall Fundamental Secondary School Chamber Choir and Sotto Voce greatly appreciate the opportunity to perform out in the community.

David J. Pitts
Mr. Pitts is local to the Pasadena area, growing up and graduating from South Pasadena High School.  He went on to perform and tour with Citrus College and Pasadena City College, and earned his B.A. and teaching credential in Choral Music Education at Cal State Fullerton under the renowned conductor, John Alexander.  Mr. Pitts has been teaching choral music since 1998.  He has also taught drama, stage tech, musical theatre, band, orchestra, piano and guitar and Advanced Conducting for the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus.  David has continued singing with many choirs including 10 years with the Donald Brinegar Singers and continues to perform and conduct with his church and can be seen rockin’ out with his 80’s cover band The Cords.