heidrun mumper-drummA graphic designer, Heidrun Mumper-Drumm is a Professor and Director of Sustainability Initiatives at Art Center College of Design. Since 2003, she has focused on developing a design curriculum that teaches a lifecycle assessment methodology and integrates sustainability into the design process. This comprehensive approach expands both the context and the purpose of design, allowing the designer to address the multiple goals of form, function and sustainability.

As a former environmental engineer for Bechtel and Parsons Engineering, her background includes nuclear, geothermal, and solar and wind energy projects, as well as environmental management for NASA and the US Air Force.  She speaks and conducts workshops for professional organizations and companies, and helped develop the sustainable product and service selection guidelines for the Sierra Club Green Home website. In addition to teaching, she is engaged in research to develop a methodology and tools for the integration of lifecycle thinking into the design and development of sustainable products and services.